Vanilla Minecraft,

100% uptime, zero server-side lag, custom plugins & datapacks, a rebalanced economy, and regular updates to improve gameplay. This is Minecraft as it should be. This is EmeraldRagerCraft.

Server IP:

Minecraft, as it should be.

We’re committed to bringing you the best gameplay possible. To do that, we use a few core plugins to enhance your experience.


EssentialsX allows you to use commands such as /sethome, /home, and spawn, to make your life a bit easier on the server.


LuckPerms and Autorank allow you to rank up and get access to more commands as your playtime increases! For more information, visit the ranks page.


Votifier allows you to get rewards for voting for EmeraldRagerCraft! You can vote once daily on all of our three server listings to get in-game rewards!

Custom Plugins

In addition to the open-source plugins we use, we’re also proud to be
using a number of custom plugins to bring you an experience you won’t find anywhere else!


Kill the Dragon, get the DragonEgg — every time! The DragonEgg will respawn each time the Dragon is killed, but any previous DragonEggs are destroyed. Oh yeah, you can also change spawner types with it.


You’d never be able to move spawners between one location and another on other servers, but on EmeraldRagerCraft, you can! All you need is a Golden Pickaxe enchanted with Silk Touch.

XP Storage

Store your EXP for when you really need it! All you need are glass bottles. This has proved to be a great trading item as well as a great way to preserve XP throughout treacherous journeys.

Our Rules

We pride ourselves on being a semi-anarchy server, however we do take server stability and player
safety very seriously. Our rules are designed to protect our players while still maintaining an anarchy-style gameplay.

Rule #1

No PvP hacks, whatsoever.
Any hack or modification to the game that results in you having an unfair advantage in PvP (i.e. KillAura, CrystalAura, Reach, etc.) is forbidden!

Rule #2

No duplication glitches allowed.
Most known duplication glitches have been patched by the Spigot/Paper teams, however any exploits used to duplicate items are forbidden! Any dupe stashes found by staff are subject to deletion.

Rule #3

Don’t crash the server.
Goes without saying — we work hard to provide our valued players with the best gameplay possible, so please think before attempting to lag the server.

Rule #4

Advertising other servers is forbidden.
Any player who advertises another Minecraft server or Discord server on EmeraldRagerCraft will be permanently muted.

Rule #5

Don’t be too toxic!
You don’t always have to be nice, but try not to be overly toxic! Players who exhibit prolonged toxic behavior in chat are subject to punishment as deemed fit by the staff.

Rule #6

Do not attempt to evade punishments.
Any attempts to evade punishments through the use of an alt account will result in an unappealable permanent ban on both your main and alt account(s).

Most punishments are not permanent. Bans may be appealed on the ERC Discord’s #ban-appeals channel.

Vote for EmeraldRagerCraft!

It’s completely free, and it’s the best way to help the server aside from
donating — and on top of that, you get rewards! It’s a win-win for everyone!
Every time you vote you’ll get 32 XP Bottles, 16 Steak, and /tpa for 4 minutes.

(Links will open the voting site in a new tab.)