Plugin Guide: TheDragonEgg

TheDragonEgg is a plugin that’s integral to EmeraldRagerCraft. On its own, it has many features that set EmeraldRagerCraft apart from any other server. I will add, though, that this plugin was only made possible through the ideas of Kongolan (a special guy).


  • Special checks to ensure that there is only one Dragon Egg on the server at any given time
  • Each time the Ender Dragon is killed, the Dragon Egg will respawn on the End Altar
  • The Dragon Egg’s location is always trackable using the /degg command (For this reason, it’s very important to mind where you take it!)
  • The Dragon Egg will respawn in the Overworld if you attempt to destroy it
  • Spawner mob types can be changed using the Dragon Egg (i.e. changing a Zombie spawner to a Skeleton spawner, etc.)


/degg or /deggpos — gets the current position of the Dragon Egg

How to obtain the Dragon Egg

In order to get the Dragon Egg, you must first travel to the coordinates specified by the /degg command. Once you find the egg, place a torch under the block that the Dragon Egg is resting on, as demonstrated in the image below.

Once you’ve done that, simply mine the block that the Dragon Egg is sitting on, and voila! The Dragon Egg will fall onto the torch and you’ll be able to pick it up.

Changing Spawner Types

Changing mob spawner types is as easy as right clicking the spawner with the Dragon Egg! Currently, this feature allows you to cycle between Cow, Pig, Skeleton, Creeper, and Zombie spawners.