Plugin Guide: XP Storage

After countless requests from the community, we’ve finally released the XP Storage plugin! This plugin allows you to transfer EXP from your inventory into glass bottles.

To store XP

Storing XP is simple! All you need are some empty Glass Bottles. Once you’ve acquired the bottles, simply hold down the Shift key (or whichever key you have mapped to ‘Sneak’) and right click. This process will store 100 experience points* (EXP) into each available bottle.

To restore XP from bottles

Restoring your XP is just as easy! Simply hold the XP Bottle(s) and right click. This will restore the exact amount of XP stored in the bottles back into your inventory.


XP Storage bottles cannot be used to heal armor and only give XP to the holder.

* Experience points (EXP) are not to be confused with levels. For example, Level 30 is equal to 1395 experience points.